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Dalla "necessità" della sottomissione, “obtorto collo”, al "dominio" creativo del -cello, sulle scale del “collum” Parnaso.

The Italian cello quartet was founded in 2009 by Tiziano Berardi, Elena Giardini, Piergiorgio Anzelmo, and Cecilia Zanni. The name of the quartet is a wordplay: “obtorto collo” means “reluctantly” in Latin, but by replacing a single vowel, it is an ironic name and an indictment against the Italian cultural context of today. Therefore, Obtortocello means: in this critical time for music and culture in general, our beautiful cellos, born to "sing" and search for beauty and emotion, are forced to play in an unfavorable context... with "wry neck."
The members of the quartet, all from the Emiliana's School (Francesco Serato), are all highly regarded musicians in their own right and delight in bringing their individuality and charm to achieve the highest standards of performance. They come from an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad; and have studied with internationally acclaimed teachers.
Obtortocello combines innovation and tradition, offering the perfect balance of elegance and musical experience. Four musicians appreciated by audiences and critics alike, united by a deep passion for music and diversified technical skills.
The cello quartet has great technical and expressive possibilities. In fact, with features similar to strings, the cello adds characteristics that allow each instrument in the ensemble to be a soloist or accompanist, "first violin" or "bass."
Obtortocello has acquired a comprehensive and varied repertoire, sometimes unknown, but very pleasant, through a careful reading of musical scores. The quartet embraces, in a refined and engaging musical show, the classics, tango, ethnic music, famous songs, and music from movies.
Since their debut in Bologna, Obtortocello obtained unanimous and favourable reviews by audiences and critics, and has been invited to perform at prestigious music festivals in Italy and abroad. Obtortocello's concerts always experience great success among audiences who appreciate their feeling, richness, and novelty of their musical proposals. Recently, the ensemble performed in Italy and Germany, with programs dedicated to composers of these two nations.
The quartet will soon perform the Italian authors in a concert series in Europe (classical compositions and world premiere), and will be involved in the recording of a CD of Tangos.

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